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Our team provides a full range of legal services to both commercial and individual clients.

Personal Legal Services

  • Negligence claims;

  • Personal accident and injury claims involving motor accidents and accidents at work;

  • Medical negligence claims;

  • Defamation claims;

  • Applications to the Personal Injuries Assessment Board;

Commercial Legal Services

  • Breach of Contract;

  • Disputes between directors and/or shareholders including Rights of Minority Shareholders;

  • Partnerships Disputes;

  • Product Liability claims and negligence claims;

  • Proceedings involved in liquidations and receiverships;

To schedule an appointment with one of our highly experience ligation and accident solicitors, get in contact with Breen Geary McCarthy & Shee Solicitors today.


  • Building disputes;

  • Arbitrations;

  • Landlord and Tenant disputes;

  • Nuisance claims;

  • Planning;

Debt Collection

  • Negotiations;

  • Recovery of trade debts;

  • Credit and tracing searches;

  • Enforcement of bank security;

  • Advice in relation to all areas of personal bankruptcy law and procedures;


Advice on the obligations of the employer and the rights of employees under the extensive code of employment legislation currently in force including but not limited to:

  • Unfair dismissal claims;

  • Equality claims;

  • Redundancy claims;

Our team covers all of the civil courts, arbitrations and representation before Tribunals of Enquiry and Administrative Tribunals.

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